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Saturday in Santiago: La Boquería

Tweet Tapas make for a great girl’s night out, which is how Ash and I found ourselves at La Boquería ready to delight in gourmet finger foods. From my first view of the restaurant, I was confident we were in for a good time. The very first thing to arrive at our table confirmed my […]

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The real reasons to study abroad

Tweet The past few days have been more hectic than usual as I’m transitioning into a new job. Which of course means I’m introducing myself and having the “why are you in Chile, lost little gringa?” conversation with everyone I meet. As you may know, my story starts with a study abroad adventure back in […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Sukalde

Tweet Fresh on the heels of my Buenos Aires tasting menu experience, I had the chance to go for round two right here in Santiago. Sukalde has been on my radar for quite a while – I even had reservations but had to cancel when my partner in fine dining got sick. Luckily we were able […]

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