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When things actually work

Tweet Almost filed under: the case for moving to my own private island where I can create a monopoly that actually¬†works in every industry and enjoy unbridled efficiency for the rest of my days. I had just gotten off the phone with my cell phone provider, Movistar. When I left my old job, I got […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Museo de la Memoria

Tweet I still blows me away that my husband was born under a dictatorship. It sounds so foreign, so other, so distant, and yet the truth is that it was right here, not very long ago at all. Rodolfo’s memories are of normal childhood things, but those experiences took place under a¬†dictatorship. The complexity of […]

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New York City dreaming

Tweet For the past few days, my husband has been walking around the house singing “New York, New York.” I have no idea why beyond that he enjoys the occasional Sinatra song and does tend to do songs on repeat. I’m sure by next week he’ll be on to something else. But I might not. […]

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