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Saturday in Santiago: Santiago Supper Club

Tweet The concept of Santiago Supper Club is simple: sign up online for an unknown menu to be shared with a bunch of strangers. Sound like a recipe for disaster? It actually reminds me of the¬†puertas cerradas concept in Buenos Aires, with the exception that this ¬†is not a regular restaurant. And since I loved […]

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Snapshots from Cuba

Tweet Cuba was…hard to sum up in a word. Beautiful. Relaxed. Fascinating. Hot. We had an amazing trip, and I’m excited to relive our experiences by sharing them here. To kick things off though, since I do have a little thing called work which is requesting my attention before I dive into 1,000+ photos, I […]

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Preparing for Cuba

Tweet Travel confession time: I’m nervous about going to Cuba. By the time this posts, I’ll already be there, hopefully laughing at the tiny ball of nerves that clenches my stomach as I type. I feel slightly ridiculous admitting to this. I am going to a very safe, well-touristed, Spanish-speaking country in the company of […]

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