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The casa particular: where to stay in Cuba

Tweet Casa particular literally means private house, but in Cuba, an entire industry has sprung up around this phrase. In the late 90s, the Cuban government began allowing individuals to rent out rooms in their houses. Of course, these people still have to pay taxes and fees to the government, but this type of B&B […]

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Getting adventurous in Cuba

Tweet After enjoying Cuban beaches and the town of Trinidad, there was still more to see. Not too shabby for a place we had expected to find boring! 5km from town and another 2km on foot through wild vegetation, we found our destination. Coming across this natural pool and its waterfall felt magical after our […]

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Cuba’s best beaches

Tweet Ok, so technically I don’t know if these are the best of the Cuba beaches. It’s an island, there are a lot of beaches to consider, and we only had 8 days. But “Two really nice beaches in Cuba” is not a very catchy post title. Part of the appeal of going to Trinidad […]

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