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The joys of business travel

Tweet With my new job comes business travel. It was one of the perks and potential downsides I considered before taking the job. On the one hand, free trips to fun places sound pretty sweet. On the other hand, everyone always says business travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, after a couple […]

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The Botero Museum will make you smile

Tweet I’m not much for art, but even I would say that the Botero Museum is a Bogota must-see. Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist with a┬ávery distinct style. An entire museum dedicated to his rotund figures might seem a bit excessive, were it not for the fact that his work is just so damn […]

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The marvelous Museo de Oro

Tweet I am a fan of alliteration, but I think that “marvelous” is kind of a stuffy word. So why use it? Because it’s based on the word marvel, which in noun form means something astonishing and in verb form means to be filled with wonder. Both of those uses are just perfect for the […]

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