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A taste of Boston history

Tweet Having spent four days in New York City without doing much of anything touristy and then a couple days in the suburbs working with out doing much of anything at all, I knew I couldn’t spend my weekend in Boston history-free. I had been to the city once before, but it still seemed wrong […]

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Smoke-free Chile

Tweet Picture this: it’s 5 am, and the temperature is barely above freezing. You’re finally home from a night out, and all you want to do is cozy up in bed. Instead, you’re standing on your balcony stripping to your skivvies. A sign of having had too much to drink or being plain crazy? No, […]

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Meeting the baby in Chile

Tweet “…and then I have to stop by the hospital to see Felipe and Vale’s new baby,” Rodolfo said almost as an afterthought on his way out the door the other day. Time out: you mean the baby that is scheduled to be born this morning? That might not even have arrived yet? You are […]

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