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The Moscow Kremlin

Tweet As I learned on my tour of Moscow, the Moscow Kremlin is more than just one building. The 15th century walls and towers protect a fortress that lies at the heart of Moscow, both literally and figuratively. As I’ve said, everything is bigger in Russia. So it shouldn’t have surprised me that everything in […]

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The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Tweet The onion-shaped domes of Russian Orthodox churches make the Moscow skyline unmistakeable. It would be impossible to visit them all, but I quickly realized that the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was not to be missed. This church ticks pretty much all the boxes: massive (it’s the tallest Orthodox church in the world), ornate, […]

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A whirlwind Moscow tour

Tweet After 48 hours in Russia, I hadn’t managed to see any of the sights. Well, that’s not quite true – I saw the Kremlin from the taxi driving into town and was VERY excited. Or as excited as one can be after a day of trans-Atlantic flying. But after that, I had two days […]

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