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Communism in Moscow: a brief glimpse

Tweet It’s hard to think Russia without thinking communism, USSR, Stalin (and vodka, of course, but that doesn’t go with today’s topic). I realized at during my Kremlin visit that I really knew only the very basics of Russian history, and although capitalism is booming in Moscow these days, I wanted to understand at least […]

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Summer flashback: Iloca

Tweet I have one last post to come on Russia, but for today we’re headed back to Chile. That tells you just how busy I’ve been, considering that I got home from Russia almost two months ago. As a result of that trip – and the trips since to Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Greece and now […]

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Beautiful Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Tweet Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic sites in Moscow – hell, in all of Russia. Because much as I realize that one city doesn’t necessarily represent a whole country, especially not one as big as Russia, it’s also not as if there are a whole lot of tourist hotspots in Siberia. […]

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