Summer flashback: Iloca

I have one last post to come on Russia, but for today we’re headed back to Chile. That tells you just how busy I’ve been, considering that I got home from Russia almost two months ago. As a result of that trip – and the trips since to Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Greece and now England – I’ve not only slowed down on my writing but also am missing my pup, hence today’s topic.

Jumping dog

Over the summer, Rodolfo and I took a slightly insane trip to Iloca. This beach town is about 6 hours from Santiago, thanks to an indirect route over small roads, and we went for a night. I do not recommend this.

Chilean sunset

Luckily, we were rewarded for our efforts. Although it was a bit cold, we got a spectacular sunset. As Lola and Luna, my in-laws’ dog, concentrated on the important task of digging holes, we humans admired the last rays peeking through the clouds.

Dog digging a hole

Dog at the beach

Iloca isn’t exactly a resort town. It was very badly damaged in the 2010 earthquake, and even before that we weren’t talking 5-star hotels. It’s a quiet coastal village where people can rent cabins and just chill out, which is precisely what we did for each of the few hours we were in town.

Iloca sunset

Although I won’t be home and cuddling with Lola until the end of the month, starting this week things will be less hectic. Which means I can spend this time getting ahead on work in order to have plenty of time for puppy snuggles when I get home. Until then I’ll get by with pictures like this, of those moments that make the long journeys worth it.

14 Responses to “Summer flashback: Iloca”

  1. Andrea says:

    I love Chilean sunsets – so amazing!

    • Emily in Chile says:

      I actually thought of you when I posted that picture because I know we’ve discussed the great west coast sunsets before.

  2. Abby says:

    Girl, now THAT is a lot of travel!! I’ve been gone the last four weekends, and now it’s Memorial Day weekend and I am home with the pups. So happy!

    • Emily in Chile says:

      And I didn’t even mention the part where I was in 6 countries in a week if you count airport layovers. Enjoy your weekend at home with the doggies, I’m looking forward to having one of those soon!

  3. Federico says:

    Lots of travel indeed! By the way, those look like surfable waves on the pic right? Nobody in the water?

    • Emily in Chile says:

      I don’t think this beach gets many surfers, but a little way up the coast is the surfer hangout of Pichilemu. But no, nobody in the water while we were there – it was cold!

  4. Juno says:

    Great sunset! :) Sunset is always more gorgeous near the beach…

  5. Erica says:

    That sunset is incredible! It feels like you are at the edge of the world (which you kinda are).

    • Emily in Chile says:

      The air was really crisp, which isn’t a great thing for tanning or swimming but does make for some good views.

  6. You’re so my jetsetting idol! LOVE these shots, what a gorgeous sunset and cute perritos. :)

  7. Christy says:

    Wow. You have been all over the place! I would always miss my cat when traveling, so I can completely relate to this.

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