Visiting the Acropolis

Well hello there. It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted. Life got in the way, between preparing for my annual trip to California, actually enjoying said trip, and then coming back to Chile naively thinking “now I shall sort out my life” before a tidal wave of work made it clear that sleep was barely on the agenda, so I could forget about blogging.


But I’m back. I still like Athens. And today you get the big guns in that department. Oh yes, it’s Acropolis time.

Karyatid porch

At one point in my life, thanks to that Classical Civilizations minor, I could have led you through this series of photos with a reenactment of the Great Panathenaic procession which led up the hill to the Parthenon. Now I can barely remember that the frieze around the top of the Parthenon depicts that ceremony, and the details are as fuzzy as most of the remaining carvings.

Parthenon frieze

What I can say is that when they tell you to go early, they mean it. This is what the entrance looks like at 1 pm. Taking a picture without about a hundred of your fellow tourists is impossible.

Acropolis entrance

Luckily I didn’t mind sharing, and my goal of taking better photos this time around was achieved despite having to jockey for space (not hard considering the snapshot quality of pictures from my first visit!). Even if you’re not a history geek, blue skies and white marble from ancient times makes for good eye candy, right?

Acropolis view

After this day of sightseeing, I had to get down to the real reason for my trip to Athens: work. And while I ate plenty of delicious food, there are no photos because I like to try to avoid professional embarrassment and therefore do not pull out my camera at work dinners. So until next time, Athens. Save me some souvlaki.

Temple of Athena Nike

14 Responses to “Visiting the Acropolis”

  1. Andrea says:

    The closest thing I’ve seen to something like this was in Jordan – I loved the old ruins!

  2. What a great way to bring back memories. We were in Athens for Y2K and loved it, but the memories fade and it would probably be a good idea to go back. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the sightseeing and tolerated the work well.

    • Emily in Chile says:

      That’s the only problem with traveling, isn’t it? You find great places and want to go back while still wanting to see new places. But it’s a good problem to have :)

  3. cata says:

    Welcome back! Greece is #1 on my list of places I want to go! so please keep going back to work there so I can day dream about my future trip!

    • Emily in Chile says:

      I didn’t know that! It’s a beautiful country and would I’m sure be very romantic (I haven’t been with Rodolfo). Maybe when Emma’s a little older it could be a parents-only trip.

  4. I remember visiting the Acropolis when I was 14. It’s such an amazing sight!

  5. Andi says:

    This is such a dream destination for me!!! Miss you!

  6. Carine says:

    I just wanted to wish you an early Merry Christmas as I will be in Tahiti without any access to internet while there. I miss reading you but understand you must be very busy. Hope to read you soon. Take good care!

  7. Simon says:

    Why did you stop writing?

  8. jen says:

    Amazing pictures! I especially like the photos of Athens. Heading there for the first time for the TBEX conference in October. Cannot wait!

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