Here we go again

Well hello there. Obviously it’s been a while. I mean, this is my second post in all of 2014, and that first one was basically phoning it in.

I’ve gotten a few messages asking where I’ve been or why I stopped blogging, and the boring truth is that I’ve just been living life and not feeling like writing. While I’ve had some “successes” like working with companies or meeting people only to find they’ve read my blog before (which yes, is as awkward as it sounds), the fact is that I do this as a hobby because it’s something I enjoy. No inspiration? Close the computer and go do something that sounds more fun!

Most of my blog hiatus had to do with the fact that work was using plenty of my creativity, so I just didn’t have as much to give to personal projects like photo editing or writing. Part of it though, is that like a good little blogger, I followed best practices like responding to all my comments/emails/tweets/Facebook messages in the nicest possible way to make each reader feel special. And that was exhausting.

Now, some of you ARE special. I’ve met great people through the internet and very much enjoy interacting with others I’ll probably never meet. But some people need a good shaking. I am not a robot put here to answer your hopelessly broad (what is Chile like?) or Google-ably specific (how much does the metro cost?) questions, especially not when you can’t even be bothered to read my FAQ first or write your email in a polite tone. The bad apples – and even the good apples on days when I had other, non-blog things to do – made me wonder if maybe I should just pack it all in.

But lately, I’ve been wanting to write again. And since we’ve established that this is a hobby that I do because I enjoy it, here I am. The difference now is that I’m not going to try to pretend to be nice. Guys, I’m not nice. That is not false modesty (and people who know me in real life are laughing at the idea of me being either nice or modest). I am a lot of wonderful things, but across-the-board sunshine-y is not one of them, and I officially give up on trying to fake it just because some “how to be a successful blogger” article told me to.

So, new rules. I’ll try to reply to all substantive comments because I appreciate the time people take to leave them and often have a response. If I don’t get to yours, it’s not you, it’s me. Unless your comment sucked, in which case, evaluate yourself. I will probably not respond to emails because eh, I don’t feel like it most of the time, but I’m keeping my email address listed on here so that the stupid (stupid!) questions continue to go there instead of cluttering the comments of random posts. I will stop resolving to “get better at Facebook”. I’m sort of over Twitter but do reply, and I’m all about the Instagram. I don’t care about SEO or linking to my old posts right now, so eff that too. End of boring policy-making.

On a more positive note, here are some things I’ve done in the past year:

– Went to Lima with friends for the sole purpose of eating. Mission accomplished.

– Went home to California for Thanksgiving. This was so good.

– Went to the Dominican Republic with my husband. Stayed at an all-inclusive resort, thus breaking many promises that I would NEVER do such a thing. It was awesome, and I want to go back.

– Participated in the Crossfit Open. Yes, it’s a cult, and I am a card carrying member. I am also stronger than I ever imagined I could be and basically have to be forced out of the gym every morning because I just want to hang out there with my friends all day.

– Was a bridesmaid in two friends’ weddings. This was also so good.

– Went to New York City, saw friends, showed my husband around for his first visit there. We had a blast.

That’s all that comes to mind, so apparently these were the highlights. Maybe if this inspiration sticks around I’ll tell you about them someday.

11 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. Chelsea says:

    It’s good to have you back, even for just a catch-up post! 3 years ago I moved to Chile, and some of your mid-cultural-adjustment posts helped me realize I was normal.

    I would love to read a follow-up post about your stay at the all-inclusive resort (eg “Why I decided to go to an all-inclusive resort”), because it is also something I think/thought I will never do, after having visited the DR and seeing how the real Dominicans live versus how the resort life is. I’d love to see your train of thought!

    Thanks for the new post. Hope to see a few more this year, even if it is only 2 or 3 more posts.

  2. Cata says:

    I’m so happy that you are back!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trips. I’m curious about DR. I want to go. Andre says he never (he really said never) wants a vacation in a place where the only thing to do is the beach. So I guess he doesn’t want to go to DR And drink rum all day long. Oh well, he can stay at home. I’m not sure how that is less boring. Add Florida to your future plans!

  3. Josefin says:

    Fun that you’re back. You don’t know me, but just wanted to say that I like your blog. I’m from Sweden, married to a chilean and this blog helped me imagine how it would be living in chile (for longer then three months at the time).

    Soo, thanks for an over all interesting blog.

  4. Birgitte says:

    My boyfriend, who’s doing his best to convince me to make the big move from London to Santiago, sent me a link to your blog the other day – and it’s working! I have some doubts about whether I’d like it there (culture-wise, food-wise, smog-wise…), but having gone through a large part of your archive my fear of culture shock is alleviating somewhat. I especially enjoyed reading some of your Saturdays in Santiago posts. I hope you will keep up with the blogging when you find the time and energy. I would love to read more!

    Oh, and thanks for enlightening me about notaries. My boyfriend complains about them all the time. I always thought he was exaggerating but I guess not.

    • Emily in Chile says:

      He’s not exaggerating about the notaries! And while it’s good to prepare for the inevitable culture shock, the truth is that Santiago is a lot like many cities and becoming more globalized and cosmopolitan every day. London is certainly a special place, but Santiago’s pretty nice too – and we do get more sun!

  5. Carine says:

    Hi Emily, wow…I am so happy to read your post. I’ve really missed reading your posts but certainly understand that you are busy living life :) Welcome back and I’ll be happy reading what is going on in Chile :) Take good care

  6. Andrea says:

    Hahaha – I thought of you today and popped on to see if you had posted anything recently and smiled at this. The stupid questions sound so familiar. I sold our travel blog because we weren’t doing enough travel and I kind of wanted any travel we do to be just relaxing and fun now. Documenting everything was getting exhausting. And especially with a baby. sounds like you’ve been having some awesome trips. You’ve also made me curious about cross-fit. I need to get some good exercise… Anyway just wanted to say hi!

  7. Carolina says:

    Hi there! My name is Carolina and I’m from Chile. I’m doing a project for the university, and I’m looking for foreigners that are or came to Chile. Do you mind answering a survey? (just 10 questions) I’d really appreciate it! Thank you for your time too 😉 Here´s the link:

  8. Journeys says:

    Great blog. I felt the nostalgic moment.

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