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Here we go again

Tweet Well hello there. Obviously it’s been a while. I mean, this is my second post in all of 2014, and that first one was basically phoning it in. I’ve gotten a few messages asking where I’ve been or why I stopped blogging, and the boring truth is that I’ve just been living life and […]

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Life update

Tweet Life is good. That said, life is also busy. I feel like since my trip to Cuba, I have been running full tilt. I was in 5 countries in 2 weeks: Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia (twice) – oh, and it’s 6 if we count my 4 stops in the Panama airport. Even without […]

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A little R&R

Tweet This past weekend, I did something shocking. I┬árelaxed. Now, this may sound like a normal thing to do on a weekend. It may sound even more normal if I tell you Monday was a holiday here in Chile, and on top of that, Rodolfo was out of town. Relaxing on a three-day weekend when […]

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