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Meeting the baby in Chile

Tweet “…and then I have to stop by the hospital to see Felipe and Vale’s new baby,” Rodolfo said almost as an afterthought on his way out the door the other day. Time out: you mean the baby that is scheduled to be born this morning? That might not even have arrived yet? You are […]

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The truth about Bogota

Tweet I don’t know if it’s been obvious in my posts that I didn’t love Bogota. Rodolfo and I certainly don’t regret our time there – especially since I’d gotten an itch to go, and I would have become progressively more obnoxious if we hadn’t just gotten on a damn plane to see it for […]

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Tips for my Spanish speaking amigos

Tweet English is an absolutely ridiculous language. I speak it quite well, yet I still find it impossible to explain to non-native speakers. 9 times out of 10, when Rodolfo asks why we say things the way we do, my answer is an oh-so-enlightening “because.” So I understand why your average Spanish speaker makes mistakes […]

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