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A weekend jaunt to ancient Lima

Tweet When your BFF who lives thousands of miles away invites you to meet her in a culinary Mecca just a few hours from your place, you say yes. Which is how Rodolfo and I found ourselves headed to Lima for a weekend of gastronomic indulgence in wonderful company. Lima isn’t my favorite city – […]

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Manchester. Not the soccer team.

Tweet To much of the world, Manchester is home to one thing: Manchester United FC. For most of my life, I mainly thought of it as home to Manchester Airport. But over the past few years, I’ve discovered that Manchester is surprisingly cool. Granted, my family lives next door to a dairy farm, so the […]

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A year in Instagram

Tweet If you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen about a million of these already. For those not in the know, spinoff site Statigram lets any Instagram users compile a quick video of their 5 most liked photos from the year. It’s been fun looking back at people’s pictures, and I was intrigued to see which […]

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