I am sure that all of my readers are lovely, unique little snowflakes, but a lot of you have the same questions. Here are my answers. Since time is finite, and blogging is only a hobby for me, I am not able to answer emails about topics already dealt with here.

I read your post on finding a job in Chile. Here is extremely detailed information about my professional history – can you give me a job?

Sorry guys, but I am not a head hunter. I do not have access to secret job postings nor do I need any employees myself. The advice in that post is literally all the info I have. I also do not know how popular your specific field is in Chile, since I am not in IT/marketing/medicine/basket weaving. Good luck!

Fine. Will you at least tell me how can I get a visa to live in Chile?

http://www.extranjeria.gob.cl/ Also, please learn how to use the Google. You should have been able to answer this one on your own. I am giving you a stern look.

How much money do I need to live in Chile?

Refer to the previous answer: Google is your friend! The internet will let you find out how much housing costs, what you’ll spend on public transportation and even let you pretend to grocery shop online so you can estimate food costs. I don’t know if you want to share a room or rent a mansion, much less if you’re planning to live on rice or will want caviar every day, so I really cannot estimate how much you’ll spend each month. Plus, if you’re thinking about making an international move, it’s time to get a little skin in the game and take on doing this research yourself.

Where should I live in Santiago?

Read whatever you can find to get an idea of the vibe of different neighborhoods. Better yet, come down here and check them out for yourself before committing to housing. I can’t tell you because there’s no right answer, and I don’t know you well enough to know your tastes.

What should I do on my trip to Santiago?

Saturday in Santiago is my series on some of the things that I think make Santiago great.

Here is my life story. Should I move to Chile?

I am an internet stranger. You should really not be asking me to make this decision for you. Consult your Magic 8 ball.

Can we have coffee when I come to Santiago?

Probably not, sorry. It’s nothing personal, but like pretty much everyone these days I have trouble finding time to see the friends I already have. I’m sure you’ll make other friends quickly, and they’ll probably be much nicer than I am anyway.


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