Dining adventures in London

Tweet London is home to many a world-class restaurant. We did not go to any of those. This is not meant to be a guide to any London restaurants much less the best of them (although I can point you to A Lady in London if that’s what you’re after. There, I helped). We did, […]

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Nerding out at the British Museum

Tweet I’m a pretty self-confident person, so I have no problem admitting that some of the things I like might be on the less cool side. For example, when I went to Greece as a college student, sure, I partied on Mykonos. But I also dragged one of my best friends around all the ruins […]

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A visit to the Churchill War Rooms

Tweet After a nice walk through some of London’s most famous sights, we made our way to the Churchill War Rooms. This museum comprises two separate but connected parts: the original Cabinet war rooms designed to keep the government functioning during the Blitz and a museum dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England […]

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