Saturday in Santiago: Mestizo

Tweet Mestizo has always had the reputation of being a place where you pay for your surroundings. Set at one end of the lovely Parque Bicentenario, it certainly does offer nice surroundings, but since we can enjoy the same view for free – and with Lola – just by going to the park, Mestizo somehow […]

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Saturday in Santiago: BocaNariz Wine Bar

Tweet I promise to stop talking about wine for a bit after this, but vino is certainly something I’ve gotten into as a result of living in Santiago. BocaNariz opened a while ago in Lastarria, but I hadn’t visited until recently. The flight of coastal wines – sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and riesling – was the […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Mercado Paula Gourmet 2012

Tweet I’m not going to go into great deal on the most recent Mercado Paula Gourmet because a) it’s a food festival, you can figure it out and b) I go every year, so if you’ve been reading for a while you probably already know what it’s about. Reason c is that I am currently […]

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