Saturday in Santiago: Foto Ruta Santiago

Tweet Hot on the heels of my recent photography class, I got an invitation to join the launch of FotoRuta Santiago. These tours, already going strong in Buenos Aires, combine exploring a new (or not so new, in my case) city with brushing up on your photography. Considering how many travelers prioritize taking pictures these […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Coquinaria

Tweet It’s somewhat shocking that I only recently experienced Coquinaria for myself. I’d walked past plenty of times. I’d visited the website. But this gourmet food emporium slash restaurant had remained on my “to try” list since it’s opening almost 3 years ago. In part, I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Friendly […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Casa K photography workshop

Tweet I realize it’s not Saturday. Or even Sunday. But thanks to some hosting changes, my blog did not want to let me in over the weekend, and I cannot wait any longer to talk about this workshop. So let’s pretend that it’s a three-day weekend, at least on the internet. I’ve mentioned that a […]

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